NCA Election Preparation
You see in the graph above, the complete financial debasement of the Canadian people by the puppet establishment parties. The current federal debt as of July 21, 2021 is $1.12 trillion, and around $400 billion was added during the 2020 lockdown.
This financial sell out of the Canadian people to the fiat central banking system is what NCA is fighting to root it out of our lives.
We need your help, whether as a candidate, volunteer, or financial contributor.
There is a strong possibility a federal election will be called in late August/early September of this year. These elections, which are fraudulent, present an opportunity nevertheless to break the top-down system that is enslaving the Canadian people.
Please take this seriously and get behind NCA. And remember we are nothing without the support of the Canadian people.
For anyone interested in being a NCA candidate please contact Maria at
For anyone interested in being a NCA volunteer please contact Adrien and Tim at
For anyone who is unable to help as a candidate or volunteer, please help us by making tax deductible financial contribution to our campaign efforts:
A government that ceases to fear the people is a government etched in tyranny
Stephen Garvey
on Behalf of the NCA National Election Committee

NCA is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of all private information submitted to it. The NCA does not distribute the private information it receives to any third-parties, nor does the NCA permit backdoor entry to private information. The NCA will only release private information if it is legally required to through a Court Order.

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