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Heroic Halifax police officer arrests two antifa who were involved in an assault and theft of NCA property

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Saturday, June 22, 2019
NCA Rally Truro Nova Scotia

Live NCA feed of the NCA Rally in Truro, in which the Town of Truro denied NCA political expression, and NCA Leader Stephen Garvey and members were swarmed by antifa and other disruptors.This live video is a snapshot of what Canada is becoming: highly intolerant and devoid of fundamental values like freedom of speech and freedom to peacefully assemble.Who and what is causing the decay of Canada? Do you stand with NCA in promotion and enhancement of Canada's traditional identity, heritage, cultural norms, values, way of life? Or do you support the transformation of Canada into a globalist village devoid of its traditional identity?Do you stand with NCA in putting Canadians First?www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Thursday, June 27, 2019
What is Your Political Knowledge? #5

What is Your Political Knowledge? #5The Canadian electorate as a whole is grossly misinformed. Most Canadians have no idea what are the actual policies of the mainstream parties, without even considering the policies of NCA, the populist, nationalist alternative.An uninformed electorate makes it easier for those parties and their handlers with power to hold onto power.The National Citizens Alliance supports empowering the Canadian electorate, by for example arming them with facts.The good news is that almost every Canadian we encountered values policy.Do you think policy matters? If so, why?Have you read the National Citizens Alliance's policies and compared them to the mainstream parties? www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Thursday, July 11, 2019

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