Political Censorship

Establishment Cabal Engaging in Political Censorship

Freedom of political speech is at the cornerstone of a free and democratic society. Instead of debating political beliefs, the establishment cabal censors. It is bad enough the fake media and fake alternative media. The fact that covert and overt political censorship is occurring demonstrates the tyranny of the establishment.

The counter this undemocratic censorship, we encourage NCA supporters to share and download NCA content and replatform, and sign up on our home page:


As background:

Why are the Establishment Governments in Ottawa, Ontario, Alberta so affected by the label “internment” for their quarantine camps? And so much so they are paying social media technocrats like Facebook to censor different points of view including NCA. Such is the top-down, undemocratic technocratic society we are increasingly living in.

Internment means “inward” and to put someone in prison or some other form of detention. NCA has read Alberta Government quarantine documents that state children can be abducted by the state for the purpose of COVID detention. And we posted a Government of Canada hiring document for its quarantine camps across the country.

Establishment politicians claim that these camps are only used for new immigrants and migrants, but based upon their extreme fearmongering and the reckless, radical lockdown, they have zero credibility.

In the NCA opinion, internment is a fitting word because it means people may be detained in camps against their free will. In this article below, National Citizens Alliance a registered federal political party is attacked for its political beliefs and views on this subject:



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