As most people know, we are living in very strange times.

We would like to continue our efforts that includes providing research and relevant information, and representing the will of the people as best we can. However, we need your help to ensure that we continue.

Every three years, the federal government requires every registered federal party to supply 250 confirmed declarations of public support. By meeting this requirement, we will be able to issue tax receipts for another three year and run in elections as a grassroots, non-establishment voice of the people.

In order to help us with this requirement, you must be a Canadian citizen and be 18 years old or older. By signing the form, you would be considered a non-voting member of NCA. Your involvement is 100% up to you. You will not hear from us unless you want to hear from us.

Because Elections Canada does not accept signed electronic copies of the form, please print out the form and add your name, signature, date, and mailing address, and mail the completed form back to us at:

NCA, 728 Northmount Drive NW, PO Box 94, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J8

Please note, Elections Canada will confirm every signed declaration by mailing out a confirmation form, which you must complete and mail back to Elections Canada using stamped addressed envelope provided.

The more signed, completed forms we receive by June 30, 2022, the more we can ensure that we meet the requirement. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please fill out this form and print and sign before mailing to us:

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