NCA Abortion Policy Statement


The Canadian Institute for Health Information’s (CIHI) data on induced abortions performed in Canada for 2012.

In regard to abortion, the NCA cannot take a definitive stance on pro-choice versus pro-life without compromising its values. Instead the NCA supports women and other relevant persons if applicable making their own personal decisions within limits as to whether or not abortion is the right choice for them, while being cognizant of fetus rights, opposing abortion as a contraceptive, and supporting adoption. This approach allows for freedom of choice and inclusion of different ways of perceiving abortion.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the following:

● Provide FREE birth control and birth control counselling

● Cease all federal funding for abortion while increase funding for low income women with unwanted pregnancies to help cover their pregnancy costs

● Promote through public service ads adoption as the humane response to unwanted pregnancies and the importance of the family unit that respects the rights of the fetus and the importance of allowing couples that cannot have children of their own a chance to have children

● Offer single women who have unwanted pregnancies the option of an allowance that covers pregnancy related expenses and medical/social support in order to carry the baby to term and give up the child for adoption. The financial support would be retroactive once the child is born, with an additional financial reward to the mother for completing the pregnancy. If a mother changes her mind during her pregnancy to have the child, then she would be required to pay back the financial allowance over pre-determined time period based upon her ability to pay back without compromising the well-being of the child. If a mother decides to abort her pregnancy then she would forfeit all financial support

● Increase funding and tax incentives for adoption and related counselling services as opposed to instant abortion as a birth control option

● Establish legislation that will make male sex partners partly responsible for pregnancies by holding them partly accountable for the cost of pregnancies and/or abortions

● Allow women with their doctors and other relevant persons if applicable make their own personal decision as to whether or not abortion is the right decision for them

● Discourage abortion as a contraceptive, which it is not


In regard to abortion, the NCA supports fundamentally freedom of choice,  while encouraging responsible pregnancy.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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