NCA Child Benefit Reform Policy Statement


The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) believes that Canadian families should only have as many children as they can afford. At the same time, the NCA rejects families having children while knowing that they will be dependent on government handouts to raise the children.

Unfortunately, the federal government has gone astray from family unit fiscal responsibility by creating increased family dependency on government hands outs.

The child benefit scheme has morphed in 2016 from a Child Tax Benefit and Universal Child Care Benefit into the Canada Child Benefit Program with a projected cost of $33 billion over five years, and another $5.6 billion from 2018 to 2022/2023.

The Canada Child Benefit is accessible by any resident of Canada, and the program is literally encouraging many Canadian families to live off government handouts instead of working. This extreme socialist approach is not financially sustainable, and it is unfair to over 70 percent of Canadians who do not have families with children under 18 years of age.

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the Canada Child Benefit Program is connected to UN Agenda 2030 and its first sustainable development goal of “No Poverty” worldwide. The NCA is committed to withdrawing Canada from UN Agenda 2030 (which Harper adopted in 2015) and its global communism, open borders, and global citizenry agenda.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the following reforms to the Canada Child Benefit Program: 

● Dismantle the Canada Child Benefit Program with the exception of extreme cases in which circumstances beyond a families (single parent or otherwise) control requires government assistance

● Implement a fiscal responsibility program that includes cutting the federal bureaucracy by 50 percent and foreign aid by 75 percent, ending all voluntary payments to the United Nations, scrapping the carbon tax etc., which will allow the NCA to lower federal taxation significantly, and thereby lessen the financial burden on Canadian families


The National Citizens Alliance supports the family unit and the responsibility of parents to their children. The NCA will only provide child benefits to families (single parents or otherwise) in true need due to circumstances beyond their control.

Created: 2019-05-03; 2020-09-16: 

The NCA Child Benefit Reform Policy Statement requires a vote of the NCA paid membership. Minimum 70 percent membership support and 50 percent quorum required for adoption of policies as per the NCA Constitution.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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