NCA Political Correctness Policy Statement

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) believes that political correctness is a threat to Canada’s identity, heritage, and culture by the federal government, media, and other actors pushing false, dishonest narratives about real issues facing Canadians. These false narratives silence those Canadians in which the political correctness is directed at, and distract and divide Canadians from real issues such as jobs, health care, and ideological extremism.

Political correctness is the use of language and words to evade the truth and execute political and ideological agendas. Instead of promoting tolerance, political correctness galvanizes hate towards particular people, and inhibits free speech and constructive dialogue and debate.

In order to deal with political correctness and its corrosive effect on Canadian society and our fundamental freedoms, and ultimately on our prosperity and security, the National Citizens Alliance supports a federal motion that condemns all forms of political correctness. In addition, we support education on political correctness and setting an example on political incorrectness.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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