NCA Reduction In Salaries And Pensions For Elected Officials Policy Statement

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) believes that public service for an elected official should never be motivated by financial gain. Therefore, the NCA is committed to eliminating the financial incentives to run for public office.

Currently, the average salary of federal elected officials are approximately. These figures do not include travel allowances and paid staff:

Title Additional Salary Total Salary
Member of Parliament $167,400
Prime Minister* $167,400 $334,800
Speaker* $  80,100 $247,500
Leader of the Opposition* $  80,100 $247,500
Cabinet Minister* $  80,100 $247,500
Minister of State $  60,000 $227,400
Leaders of Other Parties $  56,800 $224,200
Government Whip $  30,000 $197,400
Opposition Whip $  30,000 $197,400
Other Party Whips $  11,700 $179,100
Parliamentary Secretaries $  16,600 $184,000
Chair of Standing Committee $  11,700 $179,100
Caucus Chair – Government $  11,700 $179,100
Caucus Chair – Official Opposition $  11,700 $179,100
Caucus Chairs – Other Parties $    5,900 $173,300
*The Prime Minister, Speaker of the House, Leader of the Opposition and Cabinet Ministers also get a car allowance.

The National Citizens Alliance supports reducing all the salaries across the board down closer to the average salary of the Canadian worker at approximately $90,000 per year or the average salary over a five year period a particular MP earned prior to entering office. This base salary would apply to all elected officials irrespective of their position in government. Currently as shown above, the average salary of MPs is $167,400 per year.

In addition, the National Citizens Alliance supports reducing all pensions for elected officials regardless of their position in government closer to that of the average retirement pension of the Canadian people: approximately $50,000 per year for life after serving two full terms. These pensions would kick in once the MP reaches the legal requirement age, and they would be retroactive. Currently, most federal elected officials get approximately $100,000 per year for life, while elected officials in senior positions get significantly more like the Prime Minister, who gets close $500,000 for life after serving just 1 term.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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