*** In January 2023, it was decided by myself and key executive members to voluntary deregister the National Citizens Alliance of Canada effective February 28, 2023. The party did not have the public support necessary to fulfil its goals as a federal political party. If there is significant public interest in the party going forward, then its re-registration would be entertained. The necessary work of informing the public continues, just in different capacities. I would like to thank all the members and supporters who volunteered and made financial contributions. Stephen Garvey March 1, 2023

 About NCA

National Citizens Alliance — Federal Political Party of Canada

NCA’s Mission: Grassroots, Non-establishment Alternative Choice focused on ALL Canadians.

National Citizens Alliance’s agenda is Canadians First. All Canadians including people from all races and religions. We are here to protect and enhance Canada, and that includes provincial equity and fairness.

Since the best interests of the Canadian people guide us, we have no set position along the political spectrum: some NCA policies may be viewed as left, while others may be viewed as center or right. Our values of freedom, fairness, and equality of opportunity and belief in strong democratic institutions guide us, as does fact-based research, member and public feedback, with the overarching and defining commitment to put the best interests of all Canadian people first.

NCA became a registered federal party on January 30, 2019.

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