As most people know, we are living in very strange times.

We would like to continue our efforts that includes providing research and relevant information, and representing the will of the people as best we can. However, we need your help to ensure that we continue.

Every three years, the federal government requires every registered federal party to supply 250 confirmed declarations of public support. By meeting this requirement, we will be able to issue tax receipts for another three year and run in elections as a grassroots, non-establishment voice of the people.

In order to help us with this requirement, you must be a Canadian citizen and be 18 years old or older. By signing the form, you would be considered a non-voting member of NCA. Your involvement is 100% up to you. You will not hear from us unless you want to hear from us.

Because Elections Canada does not accept signed electronic copies of the form, please print out the form and add your name, signature, date, and mailing address, and mail the completed form back to us at:

NCA, 728 Northmount Drive NW, PO Box 94, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J8

Please note, Elections Canada will confirm every signed declaration by mailing out a confirmation form, which you must complete and mail back to Elections Canada using stamped addressed envelope provided.

The more signed, completed forms we receive by June 30, 2022, the more we can ensure that we meet the requirement. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please fill out this form and print and sign before mailing to us:

WiKi Corrupted

The Wiki page of the National Citizens Alliance of Canada has been corrupted by Marxist and Communist operatives and a compliant WiKi administration.

The content is so warped and false that it has become laughable, except there are some people who believe what is written on the Wiki page.

WiKi is an open source online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and update. However, one of the fundamental flaws of Wiki is that it views mainstream media articles as facts.

So the fake media has armed the Marxists and Communists and the establishment political entities with the means to vilify National Citizens Alliance, which they obviously view as a threat.

The Frankfurt School of Marxism mentions cultural revolution by among other things infiltration of establishment institutions.

At one time, we assembled a team of editors to delete the false information on the WiKi page and replace it with factual information. However, the Marxists and Communists complained to the WiKi administrator who then suspended us from WiKi editing.

So the page continues to misrepresentation and spread false information. Interestingly, the fake mainstream media is viewed as a factually source, and the same media uses WiKi as a factal source, and thereby reinforcing its misinformation.

On a positive note, the attacks on National Citizens Alliance by the establishment cabal and the Marxist and Communist fringes means that these elements fear NCA so much they have a need to try to keep us down.

The bottom line is that the NCA Agenda includes all of humanity regardless of a person’s faith, place of origin, skin colour etc., and no matter what the propagandists say. Humanity against Globalism NWO (aka UN Agenda 21 and 2030, Great Reset).

The struggle goes on as it must and as the threats to our existence increase.

Stephen Garvey

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Political Censorship

Establishment Cabal Engaging in Political Censorship

Freedom of political speech is at the cornerstone of a free and democratic society. Instead of debating political beliefs, the establishment cabal censors. It is bad enough the fake media and fake alternative media. The fact that covert and overt political censorship is occurring demonstrates the tyranny of the establishment.

The counter this undemocratic censorship, we encourage NCA supporters to share and download NCA content and replatform, and sign up on our home page:

As background:

Why are the Establishment Governments in Ottawa, Ontario, Alberta so affected by the label “internment” for their quarantine camps? And so much so they are paying social media technocrats like Facebook to censor different points of view including NCA. Such is the top-down, undemocratic technocratic society we are increasingly living in.

Internment means “inward” and to put someone in prison or some other form of detention. NCA has read Alberta Government quarantine documents that state children can be abducted by the state for the purpose of COVID detention. And we posted a Government of Canada hiring document for its quarantine camps across the country.

Establishment politicians claim that these camps are only used for new immigrants and migrants, but based upon their extreme fearmongering and the reckless, radical lockdown, they have zero credibility.

In the NCA opinion, internment is a fitting word because it means people may be detained in camps against their free will. In this article below, National Citizens Alliance a registered federal political party is attacked for its political beliefs and views on this subject:

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NCA Candidate in Every Riding

Are You Fed Up With the Same-Same Entrenched Status Quo?

If so, join National Citizens Alliance: non-establishment, non-career grassroots uncontrolled opposition… 100% Made in Canada.

We need candidates for every riding.

NCA as a registered federal political party is only a vehicle of the Canadian people. If we had a majority of the Canadian Parliament, we would put an immediate stop to the 5G deployment and deal with many other issues. The power resides with the Canadian people.

We need the Canadian people to empower us through their activism, contributions, and votes. Without that we can only inform about what is going on.

Therefore, if you are concerned, please get involved with NCA. Every person who volunteers, becomes a member, candidate, and contributes gives us power. The more power we have the more we can do.

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NCA Flier: 5G and Public Health

For Printing: Pdf of 5G and Public Health

Thank you to the NCA team that worked diligently on this project.

Our activists will be distributing this flier throughout the country to help raise awareness. We invite you as well to print the flier and distribute.

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