The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) believes that Canadian and international agricultural are in a crisis of sustainability by agricultural being pursued for profit at the expense of the overall public good, resulting in threatened ecosystems, low quality food production, potentially harmful foods, and reduction in quality of life of Canadians. Past and current federal governments have contributed to these outcomes by not adequately encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.

The NCA accepts that the free market is imperfect, and that government regulation when used prudently is necessary to protect the Canadian people. By the same token, excessive regulation on the free market will unnecessarily harm the Canadian people and businesses.

The NCA supports Canadians’ right to safe and healthy food, and accessible and affordable safe and healthy food. The NCA believes that Canadians’ health and well-being should at all times come before commercial and special interests. The NCA supports private sector tax incentives to encourage sustainable commercial agricultural production that is safe and healthy for Canadians to consume.

Note, Health Canada through the Food and Drugs Act is responsible for food safety, public health, and nutrition.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the following:

● A timely phasing out (5-8 years, sooner if viable) and ban on the production, sale, and import of all GMO crops, livestock feed, and food products (Make Canada GMO Free)

● Establish public safety guidelines on toxins in the food system including bans on hormones, slaughterhouse waste products, antibodies, herbicides, insecticides,  and pesticides in the food system

● Require food labeling to include “IMPORTED BY” or “MANUFACTURED FOR” information

● Require food labeling to include whether or not hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, and/or insecticides including systemic insecticides have been used at any point in the agricultural process, and whether or not food is a product of monoculture farming or polyculture farming practices

● Ban the use of the chemical known as glyphosphate on crops

● Review the standards for organic certification to make them require less time and cost, which may result in more inspectors

● Provide tax incentives to farmers to continue or adopt polyculture production of agricultural as opposed to monoculture production

● Support initiatives that reclaim land for agricultural use and support/encourage development settlements around farms that have inclusive production and vertical farming

● Establish a national bee pollinator recovery program that focuses on the systemic causes of the bee population decline, and concrete solutions such as poly-culture and pesticide-free agriculture, protection of ideal bee habitat, and incentives for sustainable beekeeping

● Support seeds as a public resource under Agriculture Canada; the NCA rejects any individual or organizational ownership over seeds themselves including their genetic make up; within these bounds, the NCA supports the private sale of seeds

● Implement an immediate moratorium on 5G deployment in order to address fully the potentially serious economic, health, security, and privacy concerns by independent science and other relevant organizations, and allow the Canadian people to have the final say on whether or not the 5G deployment goes ahead

● Major update to Safety Code 6 (Federal EMF radiation standards) that includes recognition of EMF sensitivity and serious non-thermal health effects from accumulative EMF radiation exposure

● Establish 5G zones away from public areas

NCA Research Article on Graphene Oxide and EMF Radiation:

Graphene Oxide and EMF Radiation: Reason to be Concerned?

● Ban on geoengineering in all of its forms

● Create an online portal for public input and discussion on food security and safety


The National Citizens Alliance believes that the food Canadians consume is a critical aspect of their health and well-being. Also, the NCA believes that Canadians have a right to be informed as fully as possible about the food they purchase and consume. In addition, the NCA believes that Canadians health and well-being overrides commercial and special interests. Therefore, the NCA is committed to ensuring that Canadians have safe and healthy food, which is accessible and affordable. The NCA will work with any other party that shares its vision of Canadian food security.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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