NCA Ban on Political Islam Policy Statement

These are a number of realities relevant to the Canadian people:

● European Union migration / immigration crisis including epidemic rapes, increase in immigrant violence and crime, and spread of no go zones and immigrant ghettos and enclaves

● Spread of radical Islamic terrorism to over 30 countries

● Unprecedented Federal Government radical mass immigration agenda

● Federal Government that states Canada has no distinct identities or cultural norms and labels Euro-Canadians as racist

● Federal Government including entire House of Commons as Assembled that fail to call out directly sharia and political Islam

● Growing concern among Canadians about their safety and well-being in regard to international terrorism and foreign cultural threats

The NCA believes that the bountiful sect based in British Columbia and that supports polygamy falls into the category of radical, extreme ideology. Polygamy violates our human rights and the Canadian criminal code. Therefore, the NCA supports exposing this bountiful ideology that supports polygamy and holding it accountable under our laws.

Another example is the KKK and Nazi like groups that support white supremacy and fascism, and the left-wing fascist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. All these groups thrive off conflict, division, violence, and racism, and they have no place in our society. These groups should be exposed in an objective and transparent manner, and if they violate our liberties and civil rights, they need to be held accountable through Canadian human rights violations and if relevant civil and criminal prosecution.

Further, the NCA believes that political Islam–Sharia is an egregious example of radical, extremist ideology. Therefore, our party supports a ban on the practice of Sharia in its entirety–including a ban on Sharia Courts upon Canadian soil and female genital mutilation. Further, we support banning the foreign funding of mosques in Canada, and banning Quds Day, which is an anti-semitic event, and the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization.

Sharia is Islamic Law as interpreted from the Quran and Hadith. Below is a sample of Sharia that violate our belief in separation of religion and state, as well as equal treatment of all Canadians regardless of ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation:

● The mosque and state are not separate.

● Apostasy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on anyone who leaves Islam.

● Blasphemy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on critics of Islam or Muhammad (infidels).

● Homosexuals may be imprisoned, flogged, or executed.

● Adulterers may be stoned to death.

● A mature man may marry a prepubescent girl.

In order to implement a ban on the practice of political Islam, the National Citizens Alliance will do the following:

● Initiate amendment of the Canadian Charter under Section 2, in order to put reasonable limits on the freedom of religious belief and practice in Canada

● Implement the ban both domestically and through new immigrant screening protocols that deny newcomers with egregious extreme, radical beliefs entry upon Canadian soil


The National Citizens Alliance believes that the federal government has a primary duty and responsibility to provide safety to the people from external and internal threats, and that extreme, radical ideology is a threat to the Canadian people. Therefore, the NCA supports measures against radical extremist ideology including a federal ban on the practice of political Islam. The NCA will work with any other party to ensure that this ban becomes reality.

Created: 2017-01-02 last updated: 2018-12-28

A Ban on Radical, Extreme Ideology policy statement requires a vote of the NCA membership to be adopted. A minimum 70 percent voting membership must support the policy and with a 50 percent quorum of voting membership as per the NCA Constitution (2014).

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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