NCA CBC Reform Policy Statement

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) is committed to serving the Canadian people. This service includes fiscal responsibility with the people’s money in the form of tax dollars, and protecting and enhancing Canada’s traditional identity, heritage, cultural norms, and way of life.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is a federal crown organization, that is dependent on Canadian tax dollars for funding. Currently, the CBC is receiving $675 million tax borrowed money annually with $150 million increase per year over five years. Consequently, the CBC is part of the state that is helping to cause the looming financial crisis, and it is being used to push state globalist propaganda.

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the CBC should be in service of the Canadian people, not globalist bureaucrats and politicians in Ottawa.

The NCA supports major reform of the CBC in terms of its structure and content.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the following:

● Reviewing the corporate structure of the CBC, and eliminating all redundancy and inefficiency

● Establishing an overarching mandate of the CBC to promote and enhance Canada’s traditional identity, heritage, cultural norms, and values

● Establishing in the CBC a professional journalist etiquette based upon factual, objective reporting

● Establishing a public board of qualified citizens to oversee the CBC

Created: 2016-12-02; last updated: 2019-02-16

The CBC Privatization policy statement requires a vote of the NCA membership to be adopted. A minimum 70 percent voting membership must support the policy and with a 50 percent quorum of voting membership as per the NCA Constitution (2014).

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

* CBC Censorship

CBC blocked a National Citizens Alliance video on youtube that exposes misinformation and spin from the CBC and other media outlets in their reporting of the Red Deer Protest 2017.

The Canadian tax payers subsidy the CBC, and yet the CBC is censoring Canadian tax payers.

Further, the National Citizens Alliance was within its full “fair use” rights to use excerpts from a CBC broadcast. We filed a dispute with youtube under fair use:

Fair dealing is a user right contained in the Copyright Act. Fair dealing allows you to copy from a copyrighted work, without the copyright owner’s permission, if:

the copy is for one these purposes: research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review or news reporting; and your dealing (use) is fair.

Here is the video the CBC blocked: Media Coverup of Sexual Groping at Lindsey Thurber High School Red Deer, Alberta:

Red Deer Media Spin

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