NCA Firearms Policy Statement


Canada has a long history of gun regulation, dating as far back as 1885 in which individuals living in the Territories were required to a possess a gun permit. More recently as of 2012, the firearm registry has been reduced from a registry of restricted and non-restricted firearms to a registry of restricted firearms.

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) supports laws that regulate the possession and use of firearms. The NCA believes that a balance needs to be attained between the freedom to bear arms (for occupational, recreational, sustenance, and protection uses) and the safety of society.

The NCA is concerned that law abiding firearm owners are singled out to appease a socialist politically correct agenda for the sole purpose of getting votes and power. The NCA rejects any form of discrimination against law abiding firearm owners. These Canadians should be treated the same as any other law abiding Canadian.

The NCA seeks to prevent firearm crimes before they happen, rather than target and discriminate against innocent Canadians, and have tough measures against Canadians who break firearm laws. This approach is similar to our immigration policy, in which we seek to prevent radical extremist ideologues from entry on Canadian soil, while we have the toughest measures on acts of terrorism.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the following:

● Decriminalization of the possession of all legal firearms by amending sections 91 and 92 of the Canadian Criminal Code to the effect that firearm owners with expired PAL possession license are not deemed criminals

● Deletion and shredding of the long gun registry including in all police departments across Canada

● Cease the registration of any firearms as this is a waste Canadian tax dollars because there is no evidence that public safety is improved through the registration of firearms

● Establish a civilian license in service for police that would permit them to possess and carry on-duty firearms while off-duty

● Establish three general classifications of firearms solely for the purpose of licensing:

1. Long barrel and shot guns
2. Hand guns
3. Semi-automatic firearms

● Restore reasonable privacy rights to firearm owners by repealing Sections 101 to 105 in the Firearms Act

● Repeal the limits on magazine sizes as these limits do not contribute to public safety and can easily be bypassed by simple alterations to magazines

● Reduce the restrictions on carry and transportation of restricted firearms in cases of self-defense to include an imminent and reasonable threat to one’s life and/or family, and in which police protection is reasonably insufficient by allowing regulated conceal and carry. Currently, there are severe legal restrictions on carry and transportation, which make the pretense in the Firearms Act that Canadians have a right to defend themselves with firearms meaningless

● Allow any firearm owner who has the right to possess a long barrel or shot gun to have the right to carry an open handgun if he or she has valid reasons to believe that they are going into an area where their life and/or their clients and/or family members are threatened

● Allow households where there are no mental health issues have more relaxed storage of firearms in the home

The NCA supports the following that are already Canadian law:

● Strong penalties for firearms-related crimes, with the possible addition of capital punishment for the most severe crimes

● No person should have the freedom to bear arms who is of unsound mind, fails to pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, or prohibited from possessing firearms from a court order


The National Citizens Alliance supports responsible and sound gun regulation whereby a balance is attained between an individual’s freedom to own and use a firearm, and the safety of society. The NCA takes a preventative approach that does not discriminate against law abiding firearm owners. The NCA will work with any party that shares its vision of gun regulation.

Created: 2014-08-09; last updated: 2018-08-28

The NCA membership vote on 2014-08-7/8/9. The vote resulted in 100 percent of membership in favour of the Firearms Policy Statement with a 100 percent quorum (including 1 abstained vote). This vote outcome satisfies the minimum 70 percent membership support and 50 percent quorum required for adoption of policies as per the NCA Constitution.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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