NCA Promotion Of Family And Family Ideals Policy Statement

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the immediate family unit comprised of a mother and father, children is an essential building block of a prosperous, secure, united Canada.

The post national globalist establishment agenda threatens our family unit because it attacks the individual and family unit through political correctness and extreme multiculturalism. We see this through C-16 that criminalizes speech and actions related to sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression. We also see it through the open borders immigration policy of the federal government.

In addition, we see the threat to the individual and family unit through the welfare, nanny system of governance, including increased accommodation of special interests and political agendas in our schools. For example, in British Columbia, through SOGI Education Initiative, new curriculum is now in place that teaches children in kindergarten that there is NO heteronormative (male – female), and teaches children in grade 9 and 10 about sexual identities including heshe, shehe, it and so on (progressive gender identity theory), and influences them to choose their sexual identity.

Further, we see a similar threat to the individual and family unit through Ontario’s Bill-89, which gives the nanny provincial state the power to even take away children from parents who don’t reaffirm their children’s gender confusion, should there be any. Religion has been removed as justifiable grounds for such parenting in Ontario, and any attempt to change the children’s minds is deemed a form of child abuse.

The National Citizens Alliance supports:

● Encouraging increased fertility (larger families) by natural born Canadian families by offering new tax incentives for each additional child. At least one parent must be fourth generation Canadian to qualify and long-term welfare recipients would be ineligible to receive these incentives

● Supporting a Motion that condemns honour killing, and mentioning in the Discovery book for new immigrants that honour killing has no place in Canada, and anyone who engages in honour killing will face severe justice

● Increasing the benefits to military families when a veteran is injured or killed while serving Canada

● Fighting any attempts by any other level of government that pushes sexual identity politics on our children and parents

● Sponsoring media programs that promotes family values and the inherent benefits of an intact family

● Government media ad campaign promoting family values much like the Mormon Church has done in the past. Partnership with various religious and non-religious institutions will be considered

● Establishing more equitable legislation in regard to divorce that does not unfairly discriminate against fathers

● Rescinding C-16 because it is excessive and unnecessary legislation, and it is steeped in political correctness and threatens the family unit
● Requiring integration of new comers to Canada, and screening applicants for ideological beliefs and values that are counter to liberties and civil rights

● Offering single women who have unwanted pregnancies the option of an allowance that covers pregnancy related expenses and medical/social support in order to carry the baby to term and give up the child for adoption. The financial support would be retroactive once the child is born, with an additional financial reward to the mother for completing the pregnancy. If a mother changes her mind during her pregnancy to have the child, then she would be required to pay back the financial allowance over pre-determined time period based upon her ability to pay back without compromising the well-being of the child. If a mother decides to abort her pregnancy then she would forfeit all financial support

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the integrity of the family unit is an essential part of a united, prosperous, secure Canada. We will work with any party that shares our vision of a strong family unit as a cornerstone of Canada.

Created: 2017-09-04; last updated: 2017-10-10

The Promotion of Family and Family Ideals policy statement requires a vote of the NCA membership to be adopted. A minimum 70 percent voting membership must support the policy and with a 50 percent quorum of voting membership as per the NCA Constitution (2014).

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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