Adam Suhr, NCA Candidate for York-Simcoe By-election

Adam Suhr is a former CPC supporter who says that “the only party that can bring true democracy back to Canada is the National Citizens Alliance. The NCA’s strong political reform policies will give the Parliament back to the Canadian people, where it belongs.”

Adam is an accomplished professional truck driver and currently treks across the United States and Canada delivering the consumer goods used by households everyday. He is dedicated to seeing the borders remain safe and open for all Canadians and values smart trade, not globalist trade.

“Much as Donald Trump has returned jobs to the American people, Canadians need a strong voice to ensure that we as a country give first priority to Canadians.”

Adam is also proficient in project case-analysis, accounting and has public speaking experience. He believes that “the Parliament was designed to be occupied by common folk, like you and me to govern Canada for the majority of Canadians within reasonable limits and not the Globalist suits.”

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