NCA Amendment of the Divorce Act

Based upon public feedback and review of the Divorce Act (1986), the National Citizens Alliance is concerned that bias in the court system is causing unnecessary harm to children and their families through for example excessive legal costs and excessive break up of a family. In our opinion, there is a systemic bias that the mother of a child should be the primary parent, while the father is a secondary parent.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the traditional family unit of mother and father, and children. In addition, we believe that both mother and father should be treated equally when it comes to parenting.

The National Citizens Alliance supports:

An amendment to the Divorce Act, under the Custody Orders section to the affect that as an overriding principle parents should be treated as a equal parents in terms of parenting time and responsibility. With due cause such as reasonable harm to a children from a parent’s neglect or personal deficiencies or otherwise, only then should this equal parenting principle be nullified.

Created: 2019-07; last updated: n/a

The Amendment of the Divorce Act policy statement requires a vote of the NCA membership to be adopted. A minimum 70 percent voting membership must support the policy and with a 50 percent quorum of voting membership as per the NCA Constitution (2014).

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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