Are Changes in Britain Coming to Canada?

CAN.-U.K. Event postponed until post-corona virus. We anticipate sometime in late summer / early fall 2020. Please donate as the event will take place, it is just a matter of when.

NCA Leader Stephen Garvey and Executive Member, Chris have been invited across the pond for what is being called the Great CAN. – U.K. Event with like-minded British nationalist/populist political groups, and most importantly on-the-ground first hand view of the transformation of the U.K. In 1-2 decades, traditional British people will become a minority, and in Canada, in 4-5 decades, traditional Canadian people will become a minority. NCA is trying to prevent this outcome in Canada.

Get a ring-side on the ground view of what’s really happening in Britain with multiple live videos being streamed daily.

News and views you won’t see in the mainstream media.

Please DONATE today. We will be posting our progress. If you wish to donate anonymously your wishes will be honoured.

For the sake of financial transparency, we will be posting the donations as they come in shortly. Please note if you wish to be anonymous for your donation, then please let us know.


Our goal is $5000.00. As of March 5th, $4,160.00 is outstanding. We will update this daily.

March 3 $100 from Laurie
March 3 $100 from Dawn
March 4 $20 from Lise
March 5 $150 from Christina
March 5 $50 Ralph
March 5 $50 Anthony
March 6 $100 Murray
March 6 $20 Andrew
March 8 $100 Ian
March 15 $50 Peter
March 17 $100 Adrien

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