Become A NCA Candidate

My name is Adrien Bordage. I am a NCA executive member in charge of candidate outreach.

It is important we field as many candidates as possible because it helps with name recognition and allows our supporters to vote for us.

Let’s give Canadians a true populist, nationalist choice on the ballots from coast to coast!

There are two avenues to become a NCA candidate: regular candidate and paper candidate.

Fortunately, becoming a candidate in a federal election could not be easier. You simply need 120 signatures of voters from your riding who endorse your candidacy, and an agent to administer your campaign funds. The agent can be a family member or friend.

  • Regular Candidate would participate in riding debates and campaign activities such as fundraising and rallies. Time commitment minimum 2-3 days, maximum 36 days.
  • Paper Candidate would get his or her name and the NCA name on the ballot. Time commitment around 2-3 days.

I provided a link to the candidate nomination package. Please note you are not required to have an auditor so ignore that section.

If you have questions or interested in being a NCA candidate, please contact me directly at:


Canadians First!

Adrien Bordage
NCA Executive Member

If you want to proceed right away with candidacy, please fill out and submit the Candidate Form:

Become a NCA Candidate Form