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Want Action? Support this Cause!

Fed Up with the Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada? Well here is a concrete action to help hold them accountable. National Citizens Alliance is pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Liberal MP, Lenore Zann, and by extension the Liberal Party of Canada. We can’t talk about the case specifically right now as it…

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NCA Candidate in Every Riding

Are You Fed Up With the Same-Same Entrenched Status Quo? If so, join National Citizens Alliance: non-establishment, non-career grassroots uncontrolled opposition… 100% Made in Canada. We need candidates for every riding. NCA as a registered federal political party is only a vehicle of the Canadian people. If we had a majority of the Canadian Parliament,…

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We Need Your Help To Raise Awareness

Thank you to those who contributed to the two EMF meters for our west coast representative, Jesse, and our Ontario representative, Jane. The meters have long been purchased, and Jesse and Jane now have a factual basis to help inform Canadians about threats to their health and well-being. NCA is now raising funds for the…

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