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Vancouver Info Sessions

NCA will be speaking at two information sessions in Vancouver the first week of December, 2020. (Stephen, the two Jesse’s, and other members and supporters will be in attendance.) Our focus at these events will be on the Great Reset and 5G deployment, and the NCA mission of shaking up, draining, restructuring, reforming the rotten…

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Political Censorship

Establishment Cabal Engaging in Political Censorship Freedom of political speech is at the cornerstone of a free and democratic society. Instead of debating political beliefs, the establishment cabal censors. It is bad enough the fake media and fake alternative media. The fact that covert and overt political censorship is occurring demonstrates the tyranny of the…

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NCA Candidate in Every Riding

Are You Fed Up With the Same-Same Entrenched Status Quo? If so, join National Citizens Alliance: non-establishment, non-career grassroots uncontrolled opposition… 100% Made in Canada. We need candidates for every riding. NCA as a registered federal political party is only a vehicle of the Canadian people. If we had a majority of the Canadian Parliament,…

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NCA Flier: 5G and Public Health

For Printing: Pdf of 5G and Public Health Thank you to the NCA team that worked diligently on this project. Our activists will be distributing this flier throughout the country to help raise awareness.