“Great Replacement” of Traditional CDNs

Article by Stephen J Garvey

Sikhs do not like to see proud Whites in their 81% Ethnic Stronghold in Calgary

“The urgency facing European Canadians is more severe than I imagined. 

On Friday, March 15, 2019, I published a live video of an ethnic enclave in Calgary on the National Citizens Alliance’s (NCA) Facebook page. This particular ethnic enclave with an 81% visible minority population mirrors almost exactly the demographic reality that Dr. Duchesne and Dr. Kaufmann have been warning about: sustained mass immigration of 200,000 plus since the 1990s is causing the replacement of Canada’s traditional Euro heritage population with third world immigrants. As Dr. Duchesne and Dr. Kaufmann state, if this is allowed to continue unabated, by 2100 visible ethnic minorities similar to this Calgary enclave will become an 80% super majority population, while Canada’s traditional Euro heritage population will be relegated to a 20% minority.

This transformation represents a radical change in the demographic make-up of Canada. According to Dr. Duchesne from his book Canada in Decay (2017), the transformation is unprecedented in world history in that consecutive Canadian federal governments are actually replacing the people they are supposed to serve. In addition, according to Dr. Kaufmann, Canada is undergoing the fastest ethnic change in the Western world….”

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