Nanaimo-Ladysmith By-election: NCA Candidate Jakob Letkemann

Jakob Letkemann, NCA candidate for Nanaimo-Ladysmith By-election

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith By-election is scheduled for May 6th polling day. This by-election is the last one before the federal election.

It is a significant opportunity for National Citizens Alliance to get national exposure.

Jakob Letkemann from Salt Spring Island will be representing the NCA in this by-election.

Background on Jakob:

“Jakob James Letkemann was born on July 31 1975, in London Ontario Canada. After finishing high school Jakob moved to British Columbia, and spent 13 years there. He has worked in many occupations including construction and as a artist, and he is now a board game designer. He has finished 1 game so far called `Zombie Run` and plans to do many more. He is currently working on a math strategy game for children.

Jakob has fond memories of time spent working with his grandfather building houses and gardening with his grandmother. Both taught him that hard work always pays off and will always be rewarded! His father and mother divorced when he was 10, Jakob and his brother lived with their mother after this time until Jakob moved to Vancouver in 1993.

Even when Jakob was a young boy he dreamed of being able to help his country! Being from a blue collar family, and watching his family work their entire life, he is committed to ALL Canadians young and old for a life of peace and prosperity for his and our children.”

We need donations to fund Jakob’s campaign. Every donation helps even $1, $5, $10….. thank you.

I will be going to Nanaimo to help Jakob directly.

Help NCA to help YOU and Our Country. As we all know, we are facing an urgent situation that is putting our children and their children in peril.

UNITY must start now.

Best regards, 

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