National Citizens Alliance Declarations

Thank you for interest and support

The National Citizens Alliance needs 400 of these declarations signed in order for us to run in 2019.

You have to 18 years or older and a Canadian citizens. You are not required to pay any party membership due. By signing the form you will considered a member, and your involvement in the party, if any, is solely up to you.

Please sign and fill out the form, and get any family and friends, co-workers etc., to do likewise.

Please print out the form here:

Please mail the originally signed and completed declaration forms to:

National Citizens Alliance
728 Northmount Drive NW
PO Box 94
Calgary, Alberta,
T2K 6J8

If you are unable to print out the declaration form, we will mail you as many declaration forms you require. Please contact us at:

1-833-822-8330 or email us at

Thank you for your support.