NCA: Canada’s True Populist Party

Stephen J. Garvey, leader of the National Citizens Alliance, stands up to wacky leftist Allan Dutton on February 5, 2019 in Burnaby, BC.

Article by Laurie J. Willberg, NCA Executive Member

Canada, we have a problem. It’s a problem that has been insinuated into our mainstream media for decades using Neuro-Linguistic Programming tactics, and it is just now becoming so egregious there is a real need to expose it for what it is. How many times have you encountered people who seem to be “brainwashed” in their blind obedience to the status quo? They are so apathetic that no matter how many facts they’re presented with, and despite their inability to justify their existing beliefs, will scoff at the information you’re presenting and dismiss it with a label. 

The National Citizens Alliance Party of Canada (NCA), is carving out new ground on the Canadian political scene by openly exposing media manipulation and the roots of the dysfunction that is presently gripping our country on a variety of fronts. Diversity is not a strength: unity is. Globalism is not good for our economy: self-sufficiency is. The United Nations has never demonstrated its ability to adequately run a small town: why would anyone believe that it’s capable of running the world?….

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