NCA Constitutional Amendments Policy Statement

NCA’s Mission

National Citizens Alliance’s agenda is Canadians First. All Canadians. We are here to protect and enhance Canada, and that includes provincial equity and fairness. We identify as true populist, Canadian nationalist.

Since the best interests of the Canadian people guide us, we have no set position along the political spectrum: some NCA policies may be deemed right, while others may be deemed center or left. Our values of freedom, fairness, and equality of opportunity and belief in strong democratic institutions guide us, as does fact-based research, member and public feedback, with the overarching and defining commitment to put the best interests of the Canadian people first.

NCA became a registered federal party on January 30, 2019.

The NCA platform and policies are centered on Canadians First in all aspects. We believe in Canadian sovereignty and citizenship, Canadian identity, heritage, and cultural norms, secure, regulated borders, democratic mechanisms that empower the Canadian people, and smart, fair international trade that is in the best interests of the Canadian people.

Most notably, we support

– an immediate moratorium on the deployment of 5G,

– a two-tiered flat tax of no tax on income of $22,000 or less, and a 15% tax on incomes above,

-justice reform including increased access to justice and greater accountability within the justice system,

– a moratorium on immigration followed by 50,000 or less total annual immigration for economic, environmental, and societal reasons,

– robust regulation that will ensure polluter accountability,

– strong measures against radical extremism including a ban on the practice of political Islam,

– and a shift in the public lending right back to the Bank of Canada and creation of a national people’s bank.

NCA Founder and Leader Stephen Garvey has a BA in Political Science from UBC, and MA in Environmental Development from the University of Cambridge, and experience in policy development, and the non-profit, small business, and public service sectors. Stephen brings passion and intellect to the National Citizens Alliance, and tremendous value in being a non-establishment and non-career politician.

We believe Canada has been stuck for decades in a top-down globalist agenda that is transforming Canada into a third world both financially and demographically. Since 1968, the federal debt has grown by over $683 billion an almost 5,000% increase, and in 2019 alone, 1,087,621 migrants largely from the third world are projected to enter Canada. The very existence of Canada and future generations is in the balance. We believe that the country needs new vision and leadership that will bring the greatest possible prosperity and security to the Canadian people in the context of a turbulent world. Doing the same thing over and over again even though it is not working will only bring increasing economic pain and societal decay. Currently, there are globalist and separatist forces that threaten to undermine Canada. NCA and its true populism and nationalism stands as a last defence.

PS: NCA is all about love and compassion for our people and country, despite being maligned maliciously by certain media outlets including Wikipedia, an open source encyclopedia, which attack any individual and organization that challenges the status quo.


The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) supports updating through amendments and additions the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) in ten specific areas. The purpose of these amendments and additions is to further shape, clarify, and define the Charter and include a review of all sections and update them according to the Principles of Fundamental Justice. The NCA believes that these amendments and additions should only be decided by the Canadian people through a national referendum.

Constitutional Amendment 1

The National Citizens Alliance believes that Section 2 (a) of the Charter, which states under Fundamental Freedoms “freedom of conscience and religion” is vague and potentially in conflict with a “free and democratic society” as the overarching principle of the Charter. Canada is not a theocracy. The federal government is secular and democratic. Therefore, there should be limits to the freedom of religion that contradict a free and democratic society. The National Citizens Alliance believes that there should be zero tolerance for ideologies that violate our free and democratic society, including our human rights whether directly or indirectly. There is no place whatsoever for ideological extremism or radicalization such as Sharia Law in Canada. Therefore, the National Citizens Alliance supports the following amendment to Article 2 (a): “freedom of conscience and religion within the limits of extreme, radical ideology that violates fundamentally a free and democratic society.”

Constitutional Amendment 2

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the Canadian Charter (1982) should be updated to reflect advancement in surveillance technology and most importantly including online technology, and its potential to violate the freedom and privacy of the Canadian people. Under Section 2, the National Citizens Alliance supports the addition of: “2 (e) freedom of reasonable privacy”

Constitutional Amendment 3

The National Citizens Alliance believes that equalization payments are detrimental to provinces and Canada as a whole, by adding to the welfare, entitlement federal governance through hand outs to less productive provinces and penalizing more productive provinces, and decreasing competition between provinces. Consequently, the NCA supports rescinding Subsection 36(2) in entirety from the Canadian Charter: “Parliament and the government of Canada are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation.” (Subsection 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982)

Constitutional Amendment 4

To be consistent with a free and democratic society, the National Citizens Alliance believes that the Canadian people should have a constitutional right to private property. The NCA supports the following amendment to Legal Rights: “Everyone has the right to private property, except the government can take private property for reasonable public use and not without just compensation.”

Constitutional Amendment 5

To be consistent with a free and democratic society and in response to legal persecution of homeowners who act in self-defense, the National Citizens Alliance believes that the Canadian people should have a constitutional right to self-defense of their life and that of their loved ones and their property, except by the due process of law. The right to self-defense also includes the right to self-defense from government tyranny. The NCA supports the following amendment to Legal Rights: “Everyone has the right to self-defense.”

Constitutional Amendment 6

In response to the Omar Khadr payout of $10.5-million, the National Citizens Alliance supports an amendment to section 7 to prevent this situation from occurring again: “Any Canadian citizen or otherwise and regardless of age who engages in acts of war against our country and/or our allies forfeits all his or her freedoms and rights.” “Acts of war” in this context refers to armed aggression/conflict.

Constitutional Amendment 8

Add a section to Democratic Rights, which states “The House of Commons and any legislative assembly shall abide at all times by a clear, definitive separation of religion and state. ” Although the National Citizens Alliance supports freedom of religious belief and welcomes all faiths into the party with the exception of radical extremist faiths, as a party we believe that there needs to be a constitutional mandate for the clear, definitive separation of religion and state in federal governance. We are concerned that federal political decisions are being made that are not at distance from religion, and there is potential for even more religious based decisions as the establishment’s globalism agenda deepens. For example, the passage by the House of Commons of the M-103 Anti-Islamophobia Motion.

Constitutional Amendment 9

Amend Section 35 (2) to address non-inclusion and discrimination by adding “all”, “coast to coast”, and “without restriction and prejudice”: (2) In this Act, “aboriginal peoples of Canada” includes all Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada coast to coast and without restriction or prejudice.

Constitutional Amendment 10

Amend section 15 (2) to address the affirmative action, so that it reads: (2) Subsection (1) precludes any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. (84)

Created: 2016-11-26; last updated: 2020-10-25

The Constitutional Amendment Policy requires of vote of the NCA membership before it is passed. A minimum of 70 percent voting membership must support the policy with a 50 percent quorum required for adoption of policies as per the NCA Constitution (2014). The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to
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