NCA Fighting Back: 9 HR Complaints, 1 Constitutional

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Council has accepted nine human rights complaints by National Citizens Alliance against various Nova Scotian organizations, including Liberal candidate, Lenore Zann. In addition, the National Citizens Alliance has initiated a Constitutional case for violation of section 2, Rights and Freedoms. We will post more information shortly.


Re: Liberal Candidate Lenore Zann Being Investigated for Human Rights Violations

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission has accepted a human rights complaint against Lenore Zann, and is now investigating her for violations that are “malicious” in nature and violate the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

Stephen Garvey is seeking $250,000 in damages against Lenore Zann while a MLA for her “malicious” hateful attacks on him in order to malign NCA and Stephen Garvey and deny them access to venues for public events based upon political beliefs and affiliation.

Media Contact:
National Citizens Alliance 1-833-822-8330

Information pertaining to the acceptance of the human rights complaint:

Dear Stephen Garvey,

Thank you for contacting the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

Please use the following link and provide responses to the questions.

You will need both your Claim ID and the Access Code noted below to log in. Please provide clear and concise information when responding to the questions. When we receive your responses, the information you provide will be reviewed for jurisdiction and completeness. We may contact you to clarify some of the information if necessary.

Please note that a Human Rights complaint must be filed within 12 months of the last date of discrimination.

Your claim ID concerning MLA Lenore Zann is: [deleted for privacy reasons]


Human Rights Officer, Dispute Resolution
Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
Office: 902-424-4459
Fax: 902-424-0596
Location: 5657 Spring Garden Road, Suite 305
Mailing: PO Box 2221, Halifax, NS B3J3R4

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