1. The NCA collects name, address, e-mail, phone, and political views and other relevant information, and it is collected via online and offline sign up forms.
  2. The NCA protects personal information under its control through controls over who has access to it, secure website, and computer security.
  3. The NCA uses personal information under its control to communicate with its member and supporters and tax purposes such as tax receipts. The NCA has a zero allowance for any personal information that may be sold to any person or entity.
  4. Any NCA employee who has access to personal information is given strict guidelines in terms of storage and use, and will be trained as necessary. For examples, all personal information will be stored in a secure internal database, and all or part of the database transferred must be through encrypted communication and/or offline means. Secondary storage of data must be in a secure database, and the data must be deleted as soon as possible when there is no future use of the data.
  5.  The NCA party uses a secure website to collect personal information, and the information is used for tax purposes and communication with the persons who shared the personal information. Anyone on a mailing list has consented to it.
  6. The NCA does not use cookies to attain personal information.
  7. Laurie Willberg, NCA Executive Member, can be contacted in regard to protection of personal information: