NCA Separation of Religion and State Policy Statement


National Citizens Alliance’s agenda is Canadians First. All Canadians. We are here to protect and enhance Canada, and that includes provincial equity and fairness. We identify as true populist, Canadian nationalist.

Since the best interests of the Canadian people guide us, we have no set position along the political spectrum: some NCA policies may be deemed right, while others may be deemed center or left. Our values of freedom, fairness, and equality of opportunity and belief in strong democratic institutions guide us, as does fact-based research, member and public feedback, with the overarching and defining commitment to put the best interests of the Canadian people first.

NCA became a registered federal party on January 30, 2019.

The NCA platform and policies are centered on Canadians First in all aspects. We believe in Canadian sovereignty and citizenship, Canadian identity, heritage, and cultural norms, secure, regulated borders, democratic mechanisms that empower the Canadian people, and smart, fair international trade that is in the best interests of the Canadian people.

Most notably, we support

– a two-tiered flat tax of no tax on income of $22,000 or less, and a 15% tax on incomes above,

-justice reform including increased access to justice and greater accountability within the justice system,

– a moratorium on immigration followed by 50,000 or less total annual immigration for economic, environmental, and societal reasons,

– robust regulation that will ensure polluter accountability,

– strong measures against radical extremism including a ban on the practice of political Islam,

– and a shift in the public lending right back to the Bank of Canada and creation of a national people’s bank.

NCA Founder and Leader Stephen Garvey has a BA in Political Science from UBC, and MA in Environmental Development from the University of Cambridge, and experience in policy development, and the non-profit, small business, and public service sectors. Stephen brings passion and intellect to the National Citizens Alliance, and tremendous value in being a non-establishment and non-career politician.

We believe Canada has been stuck for decades in a top-down globalist agenda that is transforming Canada into a third world both financially and demographically. Since 1968, the federal debt has grown by over $683 billion an almost 5,000% increase, and in 2019 alone, 1,087,621 migrants largely from the third world are projected to enter Canada. The very existence of Canada and future generations is in the balance. We believe that the country needs new vision and leadership that will bring the greatest possible prosperity and security to the Canadian people in the context of a turbulent world. Doing the same thing over and over again even though it is not working will only bring increasing economic pain and societal decay. Currently, there are globalist and separatist forces that threaten to undermine Canada. NCA and its true populism and nationalism stands as a last defence.

PS: certain media outlets including Wiki an open source encyclopedia portray NCA as far-right, racist, white nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-Islam, but these labels are clearly false as shown by the above. NCA is all about love and compassion for our people and country.

The National Citizens Alliance acknowledges Christianity as one of the bases for Canada.

In addition, the National Citizens Alliance welcomes all faiths into the party with the exception of any and all radical extremist faiths.

Further, the National Citizens Alliance supports religious belief as established in section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). However, as a party, we do not support the freedom of religion when it comes to radical extremist ideologies that violate our liberties and civil rights. Consequently, the National Citizens Alliance supports a ban on the practice of radical extremist ideologies or way of lives upon Canadian soil, namely political Islam / Sharia.

Sharia is Islamic Law as interpreted from the Quran and Hadith. Sharia violates our belief in separation of religion and state, as well as equal treatment of all Canadians regardless of ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Polygamy violates our human rights and the Canadian criminal code. For more information please see our Ban on Political Islam.

Furthermore, the National Citizens Alliance supports a clear separation of religion and state in federal governance. As a party, we believe that federal political decisions need to be made at arms distance from any religion. Therefore, we support an addition to the Charter that states “the House of Commons and any legislative assembly shall abide at all times by a clear, definitive separation of religion and state.”

The National Citizens Alliance is concerned that the establishment’s globalism agenda is allowing undue influence on government decision-making that violates a separation of religion and state. As an example, we can see violation in the M-103 Anti-Islamophobia Motion.

In summary, the National Citizens Alliance supports the following:

● The Federal Government shall function at all times with clear and absolute separation of religion and state in all its decisions

● Amendment to the Charter that mandates “the House of Commons and any legislative assembly to abide at all times by a clear, definitive separation of religion and state”

● All persons in Canada have the right and freedom to practice or abstain from whichever religion they choose provided they are not practicing, promoting or otherwise engaging in an ideology that is hateful, promotes violence or is in any way harmful to themselves or others such as Sharia / political Islam and faiths that permit polygamy, or any other radical extremist faiths

● No government in Canada shall create or enforce laws or legislation that treats any persons in any way differently under the laws or legislation due to their religious belief or lack of religious belief

● No religion or ideology shall enjoy immunity from criticism under the law or legislation

Created: 2018-03-23; last updated: 2019-02-14

The NCA Separation of Religion and State is subject to the vote of the membership. The vote must at least attain 70 percent membership support and 50 percent quorum required for adoption of policies as per the NCA Constitution (2014).

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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