Now Is The TIME

NCA Founder, Leader National Citizens Alliance

We are in an important period as we approach the federal election starting in September. There is great opportunity.

It is imperative that we reach as many Canadians as possible in the build-up to the federal election. If Canadians do not know about us, they will not vote for us.

I am calling on all members and supporters to contribute financially what they can to our planned road trip starting September 2nd in Hamilton, Ontario, and to share NCA far and wide on social media.

We are all volunteers at NCA. We do what we do because we love our country, and we have grave concern about what the country is becoming, and we have vision for what the country ought to be. Our mission is all about the future of our children and the country as a whole.

Thank you in advance.

Stephen Garvey

Please see donation details here:

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