We Need Your Help To Raise Awareness

Thank you to those who contributed to the two EMF meters for our west coast representative, Jesse, and our Ontario representative, Jane. The meters have long been purchased, and Jesse and Jane now have a factual basis to help inform Canadians about threats to their health and well-being.

NCA is now raising funds for the printing cost for our flier: 5G and Public Health. The flier will be distributed throughout the country. You can view the flier here:


Although the funds we need for the initial printing are relatively insignificant, it is important that people who support NCA contribute within their means. NCA cannot do it alone. NCA was created with this in mind as a vehicle of the Canadian people who have the power if they exercise it. Tax receipts will be issued for contributions. Thank you. And let’s do more to stand up for what is right and in the best interests of our health and well-being.

This link provides a number of options to contribute including paypal, cheque, and interac email transfer:


We will post the date and amount of contributions the same day we receive them. In addition, any excess contributions will be used to print more fliers.

2020-08-28 Christiane $50.00

2020-08-28 Ralph $50.00

2020-08-28 Ronald $20.00

2020-08-28 Christina $20.00

2020-09-29 Tammy $50.00

2020-08-29 Olga $50.00

2020-08-29 Evgeni $20.00

2020-09-01 Ed $50.00

2020-09-03 Ronald $20.00

2020-09-05 Colleen $50.00

2020-09-12 Eva $50.00

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