About Our Party


The National Citizens Alliance of Canada (NCA) led by Stephen J Garvey is an officially registered federal party. We will be running in the 2019 federal election, including Garvey as NCA PM candidate.

The National Citizens Alliance is true grassroots, uncontrolled opposition. The party is founded on its anti-globalist, pro-Canadian, and Canadian people and Canada FIRST agenda.

The NCA is a vehicle of the Canadian people. Our success is directly tied to the amount of support we receive from the Canadian people.

If you want Ottawa shaken up then the National Citizens Alliance is for you.

If you want Ottawa to serve the Canadian people and our country then the National Citizens Alliance is for you.

If you want Ottawa to put our people and country FIRST then the National Citizens Alliance is for you.

JOIN NCA TODAY! Become a NCA member. Become a NCA candidate in the 2019 federal election. Become a NCA volunteer. Donate to the NCA. HELP THE NCA TO HELP YOU!

NCA Platform

● Lower and less taxation on the Canadian people and businesses including implementation of a two-tiered 15% and 25% personal flat-tax, 9% flat-tax on businesses, and immediate end to federal carbon taxation and any other levy on human caused carbon emissions.

● Implement responsible, balanced immigration policy that puts the well being and safety of the Canadian people first through an immediate moratorium on immigration with no set end date on Day 1 (to deal with the growing backlog, screening issues, welfare drain, mass and illegal migration) followed by a reduction in immigration to 50,000 or less in total per year within 1 year of forming government.

● Update through amendments and additions the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) in ten specific areas. The purpose of these amendments and additions is to further shape, clarify, and define the Charter and include a review of all sections and update them according to the Principles of Fundamental Justice. The NCA believes that these amendments and additions should only be decided by the Canadian people through a national referendum.

● End all voluntary payments to the United Nations and its affiliates, withdraw Canada as signatory from UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030, and the UN Migration Pact, reduce foreign aid outflow by 75% within the first 100 days of forming government, and hold a national binding referendum on a complete withdraw from the United Nations within one year of forming government.

● Implement justice reform including access to justice that includes new legislation to protect and empower paralegals, clerks and the support staff that work within the legal system separate from the Law Societies, election by the people of federal judges, and increased accountability in terms of conduct including ethics of all who work within the legal system.

● Efficient, effective regulations that hold polluters accountable in terms of fines and/or suspension, prohibition from polluting activity. This pollution may be from but not exclusive to draining raw sewage into water ways or water bodies, releasing contaminants through stack houses into the atmosphere, and contaminating water supply through chemical based drilling.

● End the corporate globalist misinformation and control over federal politics through greater empowerment of the Canadian people through citizen-initiated referendum, citizen-initiated legislation and recall of any MP, and new measures to reign in conflict of interest and special interest control over federal policy including the revolving door between the federal government and corporate boardrooms.

● Efficient and effective government through cutting the federal bureaucracy by 50% over a four year period, and cutting the federal ministries and/or consolidating them from 35 to 12 within one year of forming government.

● Restore the 1934 Bank of Canada Act along with the 1938 Amendment and our own amendments, and thereby re-institute the true Bank of Canada, people’s bank, which fully belongs to the Canadian people, and thereby end the usury, inflation, and control of Canadians’ wealth by central banks.

About Our Leader

Stephen J Garvey founded the National Citizens Alliance. He was selected to lead the party by the founding NCA executive.
Stephen leads by example and a strong vision for Canada focused on the prosperity and security of the Canadian people. Stephen has a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Philosophy Degree in Environment and Development from the University of Cambridge (UK). In addition, Stephen has experience in the small business and not-for-profit sectors, and federal crown corporations. Further, Stephen was born in Montreal, Quebec, and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.

About Our Executive

There are a number of people behind the scenes from coast to coast at the National Citizens Alliance.  These Canadians have passion and dedication to our country and its future.


For more information on the National Citizens Alliance please contact us at:  info@nationalcitizensalliance.ca

and please see our Party Constitution

Canadian UNITY must be our greatest STRENGTH!

L’unité doit être notre plus grande force!

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