About Our Party

NCA Platform

● Efficient and effective government partly through cutting all federal programs, agencies, ministries that are not a priority

● Lower and less taxes on Canadian families and businesses including rescinding carbon taxation and implementing a 7% reduction in federal taxation

● Restore Canadian democracy through for examples legislation for the recall of any MP and referendums including the ability of the Canadian people to hold a binding national no-confidence vote on a sitting government

● Implement strong no nonsense immigration policy that puts the well-being and safety of the Canadian people first and a temporary pause and substantial reduction in immigration

● Restoring the 1934 Bank of Canada Act and implementing balanced budgets to address the growing massive federal debt of $652 billion and $30 billion plus annual debt service payments to commercial banks

About Our Leader

Stephen J Garvey founded the National Citizens Alliance. He was selected to lead the party by the founding NCA executive.
Stephen leads by example and a strong vision for Canada focused on the prosperity and security of the Canadian people. Stephen has a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Philosophy Degree in Environment and Development from the University of Cambridge (UK). In addition, Stephen has experience in the small business and not-for-profit sectors, and federal crown corporations. Further, Stephen was born in Montreal, Quebec, and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.

About Our Executive

There are a number of people behind the scenes from coast to coast at the National Citizens Alliance.  These Canadians have passion and dedication to our country and its future.

Associated Organizations

The National Citizens Alliance shares similar values and vision as the Council of European Canadians. Although we recognize all Canadians who embrace Canada as their homeland and Canadian values, we recognize the significant contribution of Euro-Canadians to our country’s identity, heritage, culture, values, and the creation of the Canadian nation itself.


Stephen J Garvey Founder and Leader of the National Citizens Alliance

For more information on the National Citizens Alliance please contact us at:  info@nationalcitizensalliance.ca

and please see our Party Constitution

Unity must be Canada’s greatest strength!

L’unité doit être notre plus grande force!

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