About Our Party

NCA Platform

● Efficient and effective government

● Less regulation

● Lower and less taxes

● Restore Canadian democracy through for examples recall of MPs  and referendums including non-confidence vote by the people on the government

● Implement strong no nonsense immigration policy that puts the well-being and safety of the Canadian people first

● Mandatory balanced budgets and paying off the federal debt through an independent Bank of Canada

About Our Executive

There are a number of people behind the scenes at the National Citizens Alliance. Most importantly, it is the Canadian people who will determine our success.

For more information on the National Citizens Alliance please contact us at:  info@nationalcitizensalliance.ca

and please see our Party Constitution

Embracing the New while Standing Up for Canada’s Traditional Identity, Heritage, and Cultural Norms
Adopter le nouveau tout en protégeant et an améliorant l’identité traditionnels, le patrimoine et la culture du Canada