Public Health, Privacy Before 5G AI Techno State

Almost No One Is Safe from the Emerging 5G AI Technocratic World, Resulting Potentially Serious Health and Privacy Impacts.

These photo is a cellular tower in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that has been updated with 5G antennas. It is only a matter of time before 5G is fully deployed in this area and the rest of Canada.

It is important that Canadians and people around the world understand the big picture of what is being imposed:

In addition, here is a compilation of a lot of the privacy and health concerns:

The political history of EMF radiation will inform you of the challenges facing the Canadian people:

National Citizens Alliance recognizes the existential threat to the Canadian people and people throughout the world. The prudent way forward is an immediate moratorium on 5G deployment.

At NCA we realize any solution to what is going and coming is political at its root. That is why NCA was created as a vehicle of the Canadian people.


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