Stephen Garvey Nominated for Cumberland-Colchester Riding



National Citizens Alliance of Canada (NCA) is pleased to announce that its founder and leader Stephen J Garvey has been nominated to run in the Cumberland-Colchester federal riding in the 2019 federal election.

Stephen Garvey brings strong leadership to the Cumberland-Colchester riding. Stephen has a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and MA in Environment and Development from the University of Cambridge (UK). Stephen is a former Canadian national team rower, and author in political theory. In addition, Stephen is former executive director of the Foundation for Democratic Advancement, in which for twenty years he helped bring about electoral reform. Furthermore, Stephen has experience in the federal public service, small business sector, and he has in-depth knowledge of federal issues facing the Canadian people.

Stephen and the NCA are running on a platform of Canadians First that includes a return to the true Bank of Canada, a reduction in federal taxation, projected 3x increase in CPP, and significant reduction in immigration for economic reasons. 

Mr. Garvey is available for interviews.

Media Contact:

National Citizens Alliance  1-833-822-8330

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