Support the NCA Pre-Election Road Trip

Goal attained on 2019-08-15 with a balance of $3160.30. Thank you to our members and supporters!


Derek up the ante yesterday, saying that he will donate $150 if we attain the remaining balance of $9.70 by the end of today Thursday August 15th.


One of our supporters, Derek, stepped today up, pledging to donate $100.00 if we can meet the $3000.00 Road Trip fundraising goal by Friday August 16, 2019.

As of today, there is $49.70 outstanding to achieve that goal.

Every $1 donated matters.

Please take Derek’s grassroots lead and make your own pledge, contribution today!

By working together, there is almost nothing we cannot achieve.

Canadians First!

Stephen Garvey

The National Citizens Alliance is serious about the issues facing our people and country. We are a vehicle for the Canadian people to create the country they want. The more Canadians who support the NCA, the more impact these Canadians will have on attaining the country they want.

All donors will receive tax receipts.

We will list the donations as they come in, and the date and the name of the donor unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Message from Stephen Garvey: Now is the TIME:

Three Ways to Donate:

1. Online through Paypal:

2. Offline Donations Cheques should be made out to “National Citizens Alliance”, and be mailed to:

National Citizens Alliance 728 Northmount Dr NW PO Box 94 Calgary, Alberta T2K 6J8

3. Donations via Email Interac Transfer

You need to go to your bank and click on the tag that says email money transfer. Once you get there, you will need up a transfer account for NCA using our email address, donations@nationalcitizensalliance. Then you need to click on send email transfer to us. Once there you will need to enter the amount of donation you want to send to us, and there is a place to set up a security question and establish your answer to the question. Then send the email transfer to us. Finally, email us the answer to the security question you created to Thank you.

Please include your name, address, and email address for any donations so we can send you a tax receipt.

Thank you for your support!

NCA Executive Member, Laurie Willberg, pledges to match the highest donation and in $100 more….. walk the talk!


$3000 Goal; Donations to Date: $3010.30 (including Laurie Willberg’s donation that will match the highest donation plus $100)

2019-07-22 $20 Fredrick Burns 
2019-07-22 $100 Michael McNeil 
2019-07-23 $20 Anonymous
2019-07-23 $5 Kiran
2019-07-23 $100 John Jones
2019-07-23 $19.41 Thomas Garden
2019-07-24 $50 Victoria Reid 
2019-07-24 $300 Stephen Garvey
2019-07-24 $200 James Pyne
2019-07-24 $20 Christina
2019-07-25 $20 Livia
2019-07-26 $50 Garo Bederian
2019-07-27 $50 Adrien Bordage
2019-07-27 $100 Kendra
2019-07-29 $20 Rainer
2019-07-31 $50 Victoria Reid
2019-07-31 $200 Clifford Phillip Decoste
2019-08-01 $100 Porochesty Sarkari
2019-08-01 $40 Carrie
2019-08-02 $30 Robert Hayward
2019-08-04 $50 Matthew
2019-08-04 $30 Chris Sneider
2019-08-06 $10 A. Schinek
2019-08-08 $100 Murray Jones
2019-08-08 $25 Anonymous
2019-08-08 $50 Bruce Ernest
2019-08-08 $50 John Jones
2019-08-09 $50 Peter Smith
2019-08-10 $10 Kiran
2019-08-10 $20 Anonymous
2019-08-10 $20 Livia Redecsi
2019-08-10 $50 Bob Hayward
2019-08-10 $11.89 Anonymous
2019-08-10 $100 Danny Garvey
2019-08-10 $400 Laurie Willberg
2019-08-10 $65 Derek Thompson
2019-08-11 $100 Anonymous
2019-08-13 $100 Gerald Harris
2019-08-13 $100 Garry Williams
2019-08-14 $60 Alen Zigante
2019-08-14 $25 Victoria Reid
2019-08-14 $20 Eva Kenney
2019-0815 $15 Eva
2019-08-15 $25 Kiran
2019-08-15 $20 Anonymous
2019-08-16 $150 Derek

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