Urgency and Hope: Canada in the Balance

Will we allow Canada’s beautiful landmass to be taken over by Asians?

Article by Stephen J Garvey, NCA Founder and Leader, which was published by the Council of European Canadians on March 3, 2019:

“In the preface of Canada in Decay, Dr. Ricardo Duchesne sets out the urgency: 

Through sustained mass immigration since the 1990’s regardless of which controlled opposition party is in power, Canada demographically is on a trajectory of replacing its traditional European population. In less than eighty years from now and under sustained mass immigration, Canada’s traditional population will be relegated to a minority of 20 percent or less of Canada’s total population. In short, Canada’s sustained, annual mass immigration of 200,000 plus a year is literally replacing the traditional population in an organized, planned manner from above. As Dr. Duchesne states, this radical immigration replacement policy is unprecedented in world history. This is the first urgency….”

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