We Need Your Help

Fed Up with the Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada?

Well here is a concrete action to help hold them accountable.

National Citizens Alliance is pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Liberal MP, Lenore Zann, and by extension the Liberal Party of Canada. We can’t talk about the case specifically right now as it could compromise it, but we believe we have a very strong case. (We attempted to hold her accountable via human rights violations, but there is nothing in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act that holds accountable individuals or organizations that encourage blatant discrimination. So we are pursuing civil litigation.) Please see attached some of the correspondence during the human rights process.

We cannot do this alone, especially against the Liberal Party of Canada that could drag this lawsuit out. We are seeking to raise $5000.00 to retain the best defamation lawyer in Nova Scotia. Every $ helps, and we will issue tax receipts for contributions $20 or greater.


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