NCA Radical, Extremism Policy Statement

The National Citizens Alliance opposes radical extremism whether secular or non-secular. 

These radical fringe element such as the KKK or ANTIFA represent a threat the safety and well-being of the Canadian people, and therefore, their activities cannot be ignored. 

The National Citizens Alliance will do the following to address radical extremism:

● Initiate amendment of the Canadian Charter under Section 2, in order to put limits on the freedom of ideological practice in Canada in order to deal with the implementation of  radical, extreme ideologies that contradict a “free and democratic society”

● Implement new immigrant screening protocols that deny newcomers with egregious extreme, radical beliefs entry upon Canadian soil


The National Citizens Alliance believes that the federal government has a primary duty and responsibility to provide safety to the people from external and internal threats, and that extreme, radical ideology is a threat to the Canadian people. Therefore, the NCA supports measures against radical extremist ideology. The NCA will work with any other party to ensure that this ban becomes reality.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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