NCA Defence Policy Statement

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) believes that the federal government’s primary role is the safety of the Canadian people. This role is captured in the Constitution Act of 1867, which states that the “peace, order, and good governance” are the primary principles of the Parliament.

In addition, the NCA believes that a strong, efficient, effective military is in the best interests of the Canadian people. The world is an increasingly dangerous place as illustrated by the global proliferation weaponry and weapons of mass destruction, ongoing and new military conflicts, and spread of terrorism. The Canadian military has an important roles in protecting our borders, securing our fisheries, training our troops, responding to local emergencies, supporting our allies, and responding to worldwide emergencies.

Further, the NCA does not support the existence of a separate defence security establishment, and nor does our party support the use of the security establishment as a proxy for any other nations’ security agenda.

The Canadian military is receiving approximately $19 billion per year as of 2015 in federal funding, which translates into 1% of the total gross domestic product (GDP).

Canada’s military spending ranks approximately 22 out of 28 NATO countries. NATO encourages a target of 2% of the country’s GDP, which only 5 NATO countries have met.

The National Citizens Alliance supports the following:

● Increase the size of the Canadian military to at least 200,000 total force from the current 95,000 (including reservists), which would provide a strong boost to national security, create employment, and contribute to building up  the navy and air force as strong as they were in the 1960’s

● Review and tighten screening protocols for entry into the Canadian military in order keep out radical ideological extremists

● Comprehensive review of defence expenditures, and based on the results cut inefficient and ineffective expenditures

● Comprehensive review of the Canadian military bureaucratic structure, and based on the results cut redundancy and inefficiency in military programs and departments

● Comprehensive review of the military’s consultancies and contracting, and based on the results cut redundancy and inefficiency in the consultancy and contracting

● Consolidate all military intelligence and assign it to the Defense Department, and share relevant intelligence information with our allies

● Establish the national security needs of the country in order to attain an optimal military expenditure that provides reasonable safety of the Canadian people and the country’s interests abroad

● Prioritize military expenditure that is at least 2 percent of the GDP from 1.25 percent of the GDP.

● Review all military programs that respond to emerging threats including terrorism

● Ensure that all Canadian military purchases are through an open competitive bidding process

The National Citizens Alliance’s Foreign and ISIS Fighter policy statements overlap with our Defense policy statement. Please look at these other policies for additional information on our defence policy.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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