NCA Employment and Economic Growth Policy Statement


A national employment policy for Canada must be rich with strategies aimed at creating jobs with emphasis on full time jobs with benefits, maintaining the highest employment level possible, fueling economic growth, and supporting the economically challenged and vulnerable Canadians, so they may participate fully in society as productive citizens.

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) believes that economic policies must focus on the production and distribution of goods and services within a mixed economy and an interconnected society and environment to ensure the long-term public good.

The NCA believes that a strong economy and jobs are mutually inclusive. In addition, the NCA supports job creation by stimulating an entrepreneurial free market that operates innovatively at full capacity, and by providing Canadians with an efficient and productive public sector. The public sector would ensure fair regulation, address any market failures, and attract domestic and foreign investment through the soundness, viability, friendliness of the Canadian business environment. Further, the NCA supports domestic innovation, and thereby supports policy and practice that provide a catalyst for job creation. The National Citizens Alliance encourages Canadians to be productive and independent economically.

Private Sector

The National Citizens Alliance rejects the welfare entitlement of the current federal governance. We support an efficient and effective federal government that a provides a fair business playing field and stays out of the private sector as much as possible. In addition, we support only necessary federal legislation and regulations. We will rescind legislation and regulations that are redundant and unnecessary, and inconsistent with the best interests of the Canadian people.

Further, the NCA supports low business taxation, and fair dividend taxation for large, middle, and small businesses.

The NCA policies are guided solely by what is the best interests of the Canadian people. We reject catering to international elites and globalists, at the expense of the Canadian people. Consequently, we reject for example the regressive federal carbon taxation.

Economic Growth

The National Citizens Alliance prioritizes the involvement and collaboration with the Canadian public about economic growth. The NCA believe that Canada’s greatest strength should and must be the unity of Canadian people.  Through our Public Empowerment Policy, the NCA will ensure that Canadians have an opportunity to share their views and ideas on economic growth. This approach includes dialogue with citizen groups, educational institutions and employers. The National Citizens Alliance supports:

● Focusing on creating jobs of tomorrow and balancing the training and education offered to students amongst universities, technical institutions and vocational colleges

● Supporting smart trade over free trade that is the best interests of the Canadian people

● Supporting oil and gas sectors that are about 40% of Canada’s export market

● Re-aligning education and training institutions, from levels K-12 and vocational schools, to technical schools and universities so that qualifications and skills are practical, useful and versatile in an evolving Canadian and international economy

● Coordinating with provincial and territorial leaders on regular labour market assessments, and the development and implementation of labour market strategies specifically for regional challenges

● Addressing youth unemployment by giving incentives to employers of all sizes to train Canadians and permanent residents – in tandem with the NCA dismantlement of the temporary foreign worker program

● Investing in science and technology on alternative fuel sources, and providing private sector tax incentives for more efficient extraction, processing, and transportation of natural resources

● Encouraging small business start-ups as well as funding and training for recipients of employment insurance (EI) in order for them to start small businesses

● Giving tax credits to corporations that conduct the majority of their operations in Canada, rather than in overseas locations

● Giving tax credits to businesses that hire students under a government study-work program and new graduates from a government devised post-tertiary work entry program

● Giving tax credits to employers who re-train and hire middle-aged or senior-aged workers to re-integrate them into the workforce

Meaningful Full-time Work with Benefits

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the federal government including elected officials and bureaucrats must serve the Canadian people and no one else. When this true service occurs then Canadians and the country come first.

The trend in Canada is towards part-time, temporary, and unstable work without benefits and away from full-time work with benefits for Canadian families.

The NCA is committed to reversing this trend through business incentives and stronger business environment, and establishing and attaining a benchmark of the number of full time jobs with benefits in Canada. In addition, the NCA believes that these benefits should include sick benefits for workers across the country.

Employment Insurance

Canada’s employment insurance should be a temporary measure aimed at protecting those Canadians out of work, and to encourage them with opportunities to find a new job, change careers, receive training or elevate their skills, in order to re-enter the workforce more competitively in a changing economy. The NCA believes in:

● Increasing EI payments for recipients of EI who enroll into approved government training programs

● Giving incentives to employers who provide training to EI recipients and hire them as permanent employees

● Funding entrepreneurial training programs for EI recipients so they may develop business proposals to start small businesses

Workplace Safety

Canadians must have the right to a physically and psychologically safe workplace. Employers that take measures to minimize physical dangers and psychological threats can benefit from lower employee turnover rates, lower rates of absenteeism, higher employee satisfaction, which all may contribute to higher productivity. The NCA supports:

● Maximizing workplace productivity by ensuring that labour standards are consistent in provinces and territories to keep workers in workplaces physically and psychologically safe

● Consulting employers and workers, as well as their respective associations including unions, on workplace safety in order to learn firsthand the safety issues


The NCA will work with any party that will put economic growth and job growth ahead of political partisanship. The NCA will encourage growth of the economy, and provide equality of economic opportunity for all Canadians including the economically challenged and vulnerable.

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