NCA Military Service Policy Statement

Despite military conscription in 1917 during World War I and in 1944 during World War II, Canada has stayed away from mandatory military service.

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) as part of its “national advancement” agenda supports incentivized military service during both peacetime and wartime. The NCA believes that the Canadian people must come first, and we reject all forms of political correctness.

For our vast geographic size of 9.985 million km², Canada has a relatively small military. There are approximately of 65,000 regular forces and 25,000 reservists.

In an increasingly dangerous world including more volatile weather systems, Canada needs to be better prepared to deal with potential crises and threats to our national security. In addition, a larger and better equipped Canadian military will act as a deterrence to aggressive nations and/or organizations as demonstrated by the fact the Nazi regime did not invade Switzerland because the people of Switzerland had military training, or Japan did not invade the USA because the American people were armed, or Hamas has not invaded Israel because in part Israelis are trained in self-defense.

The National Citizens Alliance supports two programs for youth participation in the military:

● 2 year incentivized military service for Canadians between the ages of 18 and 21; the military service would apply only to those Canadians who are physically able to pass basic training and who embrace Canadian Western culture

● Canadians who participate in the military service will have the options of a career in the military and/or government rebate on first and second year university tuition fees

● Create a co-op program in the military for youth from grades 9 to 12, whereby voluntarily they would have the opportunity to be trained and educated in the military during their four vacation breaks, and upon graduation from high school complete 4 months in the military. The Canadians who complete the program will be awarded 8 months service in the military, and be reimbursed 100 percent for select courses completed while in the military. Further, they would have the option to pursue a career in the military or return to private life.

The National Citizens Alliance believes that incentivized military service will provide the following benefits to our youth and country:

● Instill national values and citizenship in our youth

● Military training in the area of marital arts, firearms, and military history and strategy

● Learn a profession such as plumbing and basic mechanics

● Unify our youth

● Keep our youth potentially out of trouble

● Establish a better defense of Canada including from natural disasters and the flow of illegal immigrants across our borders

● Expand the Canadian Armed Force’s paid education program for college, university, and graduate-level with emphasis on vocational training

In addition, the National Citizens Alliance supports:

● Increase the size of the Canadian military to at least 200,000 total force, which would provide a strong boost to national security, create employment, and contribute to building up  the navy and air force as strong as they were in the 1960’s

The National Citizens Alliance believes that the national interest should override individual interest when it comes to national security.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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