NCA Prostitution Policy Statement


The National Citizens Alliance (NCA)’s core values are freedom, fairness, equality (of opportunity), transparency, accountability, and inclusion. The NCA’s policies must be consistent with all of its core values.

In regard to prostitution, the NCA believes that prostitution is a complex aspect of society that has many dimensions. The NCA is not naïve to think that it can legislate prostitution away. Instead, the NCA supports a pragmatic approach based upon regulating prostitution to ensure that those Canadians involved in the activity are safer than otherwise. To turn a blind eye to prostitution is to do a disservice to those persons involved in activity. To attempt to end prostitution is to waste Canadian tax dollars by trying to end a human activity that is considered one of the oldest professions.

The NCA supports the following:

● Regulation of prostitution to encourage safe conditions, safe sex, and safe sex workers

● Education program on safe practices for sex workers

● Education/training programs for sex workers to transition to alternative occupation

● Consultation of sex workers on the issues they face

● Redistribute partly police responsibility over prostitution to health services, municipal governments, and social services

● Public input from Canadians on the regulation of prostitution


The National Citizens Alliance supports a pragmatic balanced approach to prostitution between the extremes of doing nothing and seeking to end prostitution. In consideration of freedom of choice and inclusion, the NCA believes that the federal government has a responsibility to regulate prostitution to ensure that those Canadians involved in the activity are kept reasonably safe.

The NCA welcomes feedback on its policies. Please send policy feedback to

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